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Jump to content. My personal experience says that equipment tier does affect MM, but I have no way to verify this other than “it’s what I’ve noticed”. Shatter12, on 25 October – PM, said:. Or you could be a fully upgraded Ferdinand with your tier X gun shooting at tier 6 tanks.

I know it’s just two battles but anyway here’s my question: does matchmaking take into consideration your equipment tier and not just your tank.

In their matchmaker equipment is separated out by tech level. You never see starter vehicle fighting advanced vehicles. This creates the illusion of fair matches. The person sees they never fight anyone at a higher or lower level. People can choose to bring lower level equipment into matches but they are never forced to fight better equipment. This created more metas because each tech tier had its own groupings. Players saw they fought the same tech level and there was little complaining about seal clubbing.

World of Tanks does it even better, it distributes in both team equal number of light tanks, medium tanks, heavy tanks, tank destroyers and spgs. Also spgs have a hard limit on how many they can be in a team. Same thing would be nice to see regarding relics and legendaries at certain PS stages. World of Warcraft I can camp new player zone and just kill everyone, and? This is more of a MMO, relics should matter, build effectiveness and time spent in game.

World of Tanks Gets a Special Sturmtiger Mode for Its 10th Anniversary

World of Tanks is nearing its 10th anniversary, due in August this year, and Wargaming is already celebrating. First discussed for addition to the game a few years ago, it was eventually discarded for balancing reasons. However, Wargaming has decided to add it now in this ‘Crouching Tiger’ mode geared towards raw fun.

Improve armoring the prem you just check WOT wiki page Discussion World of s or on another KVS has its armor comes in gift tanks, modules, equipment, etc.

Instead this post is my view on how the current system could be improved to make World of Tanks better overall and also put a stop to the endless cycle of re -balancing tanks due to tanks becoming to good or to bad as time progresses. For example the newest German tank destroyer line and how a few of the tank destroyers clearly outclass especially the tier 10 anything in their tier. For a complete explanation of how World of Tanks matchmaking currently works then hop over to the World of Tanks wiki.

I am going to do a short recap to highlight the important bits. Battle Tiers in World of Tanks determine which tier tanks the tank you are driving can see in any given battle unless you platoon with other tanks that sees different battle tiers. This is often referred to the matchmaking spread of a tank and most tanks see a spread that has them fighting tanks two tiers below and two tiers above the tier of their own tank.

For example a tier 5 medium tank will see enemy tanks as low as tier 3 and as high as tier 7 under normal circumstances. Matchmaking weight on the other hand refers to the specific numerical value each tank is assigned.

The NEW Matchmaker is simply boring

Explore collection Premium tanks with limited MM. Price: EUR 7. Before selecting a premium, you need to assess what you’re looking for, as different tanks will excel in different ways.

I have just recently started playing World of Tanks and I am overall enjoying the Not only are you stock and have modules that are the level of a tier under, you.

Account Options Sign in. Top charts. New releases. Add to Wishlist. Attention players! We always read all the feedback we get about our games. Get ready for some real tank battle action! Your mission: destroy enemy tanks faster than they destroy you. Perfect for die-hard tank battle and tactical shooter fans alike. Gameplay: Combat modules including different active and passive tank attachments, such as napalm, x-ray and other goodies.


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[Tank Guide] The T-34-3

Its actually a fun premium medium, don’t need to take a rental into premium tank. Wot: if you’re thinking about the lorraine 40t review and guide markgfl. Another upcoming premium medium tank lorraine is tier 8 premium medium tank matchmaking. They can successfully fight against both tier 8 premium medium tank and put the bat. Hello everyone, which it from quickybaby when the.

tank nation or class; – crew mastery level; – vehicle configuration (mounted modules, equipment, consumables);. – previous battles experience.

According to how I understand the WT matchmaker I should be amongst the top capable tanks of my tier. Yet especially since I have upgraded almost every module it appears I usually get by now put into games by the matchmaker where all the other players are at least one tier higher than me, forcing me to fight against Panthers, Tigers and the likes.

Which leaves me at the disadvantage that they can penetrate my “heavy” armour easily and after a single dead it’s “good bye”. So is my assumption correct? Is there a higher likeability to get put into higher tier matches if the matchmaker thinks of your tank as “adequate” due to many modules upgraded? If so: What is the sense of upgrading? Because if my feeling is correct, it’s rather a curse than a blessing to improve your modules.

T8 Matchmaking is Broken in World of Tanks